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Human Grade Ingredients

All our food products are vacuum packaged to ensure freshness and quality.
  • Foods maintain their freshness and flavor 3-5 times longer with vacuum packing than conventional storage methods, because they don’t come in contact with oxygen.
  • Foods maintain their texture and appearance, because microorganisms such as bacteria mold and yeast cannot grow in a vacuum.
  • Insect infestation is eliminated, because insects require oxygen to survive and hatch.
When opened, some of the dehydrated food products will be ‘clumped’ from the vacuum sealing.  This is normal.  These can be broken up as the product is used.
Please be aware that the Vacuum bags are FRAGILE and seals do break. While all care is taken to pack & send these, sometimes you will receive a bag that has lost its vacuum.  This is unavoidable due to the type of product that we are vacuuming.  If you have a bag that is not vacuum sealed, please transfer to an air tight container and use by the date on the packet.  While most of our bags are re-sealable, we do suggest for maximum freshness, that they are always stored inside another, air tight container and kept in a cool dark place.
While all products will last for a long time while under vacuum, once opened, please use by the date on the packet. This is calculated based on product not under vacuum.
 Fruit & Vegetables
All Fruit & Vegetables are carefully hand selected to ensure there are no blemishes or discolourations, and it is fresh !!
Where possible, we use spray free produce, and everything is thoroughly washed before processing.
In our Toppings, all the Fruit & Vegetables are dried without any additives or colourings or preservatives, the Food is completely natural.
Only Human Grade and where possible, Organic Nuts are used. These are usually purchased whole, to ensure quality, and then hand processed into smaller pieces where necessary.
All Grains used are Human Grade, and where possible, organically certified.
All Grains are inspected carefully prior to purchase, and we check for dust, dirt and pests. No Grains are accepted by us if there is any evidence of contamination.
Storage of Raw Product
All our Raw Products are stored in Air-Tight containers, in low temperatures to ensure freshness and non-contamination.
All Product Containers are stored in a vermin free environment.
Each product is Hand Made in small quantity Batches, ensuring quality & freshness. Once it is complete, it is immediately vacuum packed and labeled with its Batch Number and Date.
Each Product has under gone rigorous testing. We try it ourselves !!, yes we eat everything we make !!  Our Birds try it and pass judgment on each item, and we also analyse every product for Nutrient content.  Extensive research & studying in nutrition, natural diets and requirements, and behavioural diet patterns was undertaken before we started out.
Yes, we do have pet Birds, they have been our ‘Guinea Pigs’, however they NEVER come into contact with the preparation of any of our Foods.  All our products are manufactured and packaged in a clean, bird free zone.
All of our dehydrating is done in a sealed environment, indoors, in commercial dehydrators.