Microwave Muffins – Instructions

Cooking muffins in the microwave slightly changes the texture. There are a few factors to consider when cooking muffins in the microwave – The wattage of your microwave (there are many different microwaves out there, some more powerful than others) The number of...

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Dangers in your home!

We cannot stress enough about the dangers to your birds of some of the everyday items around the home.

While you may not have your bird in direct contact with the items, fumes and spray from many of these can adversely affect them.

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Stop your nuts from going rancid

Due to their high fat content, Nuts have a tendency to turn rancid if improperly stored. They are also susceptible to bacterial and fungal contamination.

Nuts are affected by :-

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Peanuts, the pea not the nut

Peanuts are not a true nut. They are a legume, the same family as beans and peas

Like many ‘true nuts’ they are rich in nutrients, low in saturated fats and are a natural part of many birds diets.

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Is your Parrot cranky?

It could simply be that time of the year when they become very hormonal are looking to mate.

If you have a pet Parrot, the possibility is quite high that he thinks of you as his mate and may start to display mating behaviour.

This can include:-

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