Due to their high fat content, Nuts have a tendency to turn rancid if improperly stored. They are also susceptible to bacterial and fungal contamination.

Nuts are affected by :-

The oils in Nuts will go rancid quickly if they are exposed to too much heat. Nuts should always be kept at or below 20 deg. Celsius.

Like many foods, Nuts do not like warm, humid conditions. If you live in a humid climate, or during the summer months, it is recommended that Nuts be stored in the Refrigerator or Freezer.

In addition to exposure to moisture and heat, too much light can also cause Nuts to go bad.

Nuts have a tendency to absorb odours from the foods around them. Keep Nuts away from onions, garlic and other strong smelling foods.

Our General Rules for the safe storage of Nuts :-
Nuts should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place, in a sealed, airtight, glass or plastic Jar or Container, or heavy plastic bag.

PANTRY LIFE – If you keep Nuts in the Pantry, they should last up to six months if kept at 20 deg. Celsius or below. The higher the temperature, the lower the storage time.

While Nuts can be stored in the Pantry for most of the year in our Climate, they should be refrigerated during the hottest months of summer, or for a longer shelf life.

REFRIGERATOR – Nuts are best stored under refrigeration and will keep well for 6-12 months if kept at between 2-7 deg. Celsius.

FREEZER – Nuts have a low water content, so their flavour is not affected by being frozen. Most Nuts will last 12-24 months if frozen.

In General :-

Unshelled Nuts will last longer than shelled Nuts. The shells protect them from heat, moisture and light.

Whole Nuts will last longer than chopped Nuts.